Info-Alert version 3.3.b 02 is now available. Please contact your product consultant to see if this version is right for you.

Whats New

Enhance Customer and Vendor Communication

Configure Info-Alert to notify employees to any number of conditions that you want them to be aware of.  Low inventory levels, customers nearing or beyond credit limits, past due invoices, etc.

Identify issues before they become problems

Have Info-Alert check for data entry errors, jobs that have not been billed, budgets nearing maximum, insurances or credit cards nearing expiration while there is still time to take care of it.

Compatibility. Info-Alert can connect to most ODBC compliant databases such as SQL, Oracle, MS Access, Excel, Foxpro, etc.


Keep your staff up to date

Data Monitoring - Alerts, Actions and Events

Whats New

Automatically send order acknowledgements, advanced ship notifications, sales recaps, late notices, etc. to your customers.  Alert internal staff when customers have placed thier first order or need to be contacted for various other reasons.

Info-Alert can also be configured to remind vendors that open purchase orders are due to be shipped, request quotes for low inventory, etc.

Automated Functions Keeping Your Business Alert!

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